I am a marketing strategist with 20 years' agency services experience, with a discipline in digital marketing. My success spans from driving programs in social media, video, and content marketing to strategy to hands on production and deployment. Business growth hacker or ambitiously lazy? I simply see my role as finding ways to work smarter.

I have built a reputation for striking a middle ground between leading-edge marketing innovation with traditional, proven approaches. Simply put, I make sensible, informed forward-thinking decisions. 

Savvy marketers of national brands have hired me to directly develop strategic marketing programs: WestJet, Detroit Pistons, Canadian Tire, Hudson's Bay Company, Sears, Intrawest, ATB Financial, Canalta Hotels, Travel Alberta, BestBuy, Future Shop, SPC, SportChek, UFA, Tourism Saskatchewan, Cadillac Fairview, Coast Hotels, among many others. 

Work-life balance is important to me. I love the outdoors, especially being in the ocean and backcountry. I apply my creative and marketing background in sharing my passion for surfing and snowboarding using non-traditional channels such as blogging, social media, and visual content marketing.

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Managing Director / GM

Managing Director / GM



Alivia Cortez is a marketing professional with over 15 years of in depth experience leading teams in the execution of digital, experiental and traditional marketing campaigns for Leading National Brands.  Alivia’s PMP designation and strong client focused approach has made her indispensable to clients such as Kraft, Mondelez and Mark’s.


Alivia believes that the best results come from focusing on customer-centricity and creating experiences that make things simpler, quicker, more rewarding and more enjoyable for clients.  By incorporating in a little process and a lot of transparency she has come up with the magic sauce that creates a wonderful client experience. 


Health and Wellness and specifically offsetting workplace induced stress is a particular passion for Alivia.  When she is not hard at work for our clients you will find her on her yoga mat or reading up on the geeky chemical reactions that occur due to elevated cortisol.