I have been marketing and filming the catskiing industry over 12 years. Always been a advocate for the operator while showcasing authentic experiences to expand their customer reach to new guests


It all started with…

My love for powder. I did one day of Catskiing and was HOOKED. Like I mean completly off the rails stoked - and could not figure out why more people have not heard of it at the time. In my view it was the next best thing to surfing - and for the next decade I fell head first into the industry. Today I still promote and support the industry but as it has matured and so many people producing so much content (customers) There is less of a need for the onsite content production and it has moved to strategy, and content activation.

Catskiing Blog

I think I have written over 100 blog posts over the years on Catskiing Canada



Wanted to go a step further so I began writing about Catskiing in the Calgary Herald / Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal and various other digital publications