Loyalty Marketing

I have worked with some of the largest retailers in North America such as Best Buy, Future Shop, Sport Check, Canadian Tire, Sears, and many others. Today I am working with mid sized and boutique retailers on how to keep your customers coming back and increase the overall “share of wallet” potential leveraging my over 20 years with retailers and blending modern technologies.


Loyalty Programs

Whether you have in internal program that is points based or an informal or even subtle loyalty program just recognizing your best customers I can help you identify not just the development of the program - but actually how to market and activate your customers to appreciate and engage with the program.


BAsecamp Motorsports

Originally founded in 1954 as Bow Cycle - I rebranded the company to reflect their shift in product and focus on lifestyle and commitment to service. This case study example is where the loyalty marketing is leveraging a subtle internal program - but the loyalty is based on the customer experience and customer service not a points based program.

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Canalta Hotels

For over 10 years I was the managing partner in an agency called sdmg and we worked with the ownership team architecting / designing and doing the actual original development of a proprietary platform for them. This program was from program design, branding, points management, ecommerce, training, website/programming and marketing. A extremely in depth program that still works today for the company.