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A “Pop UP” Start up

Swellness.co was a awesome journey with fellow entrepreneur Mallory Chapman and Groundswell where we started with less than $1,000 and an iphone and launched a subscription online fitness program. After 1 year we had filmed in Hawaii, Mexico, and Nicaragua over 300 clips sharing to over our 30,000 collective followers and our core customer base whom we are so grateful for their support.

Unfortunately after 1 year we made the assessment that it would require so much more effort to grow this business where we could see a return where we both could be full time in the business and opted to leave on a high note virtually breaking even.

To us its about “Moving forward” there is no failure just lessons - and the one lesson with both took away was that this experience did make us #SurferStrong and today Mallory is exploding with her focus on continuing coaching around mindset and Groundswell focusing on what we learned from Swellness to keep driving the marketing science of Sustainable Growth Marketing.

From the both of us…


Scott & Mallory