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Connect with top experts on Sustainable Growth Marketing and the future of marketing.


Episode 1 : Scott Martin Backstory

Introduction to Groundswell Marketing LISTEN

In this introduction episode Ernest interviews Scott to share his background as a Marketing Entrepreneur and his reasons for launching Groundswell.  We cover off topics from Content Marketing, Growth Hacking, Marketing trends, and stories of his journey to build a new approach to marketing and the foundational concepts for his upcoming book called Groundswell- Sustainable Growth Marketing 


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Episode 2 : Bruce Kasanoff

Humans Not Customers LISTEN

Bruce shares how purpose and clarity is at the centre of successful business where it's about communicating to humans not marketing to customers.

Bruce Kasanoff is an author, speaker, Linkedin Influencer, and marketing expert. The Chartered Marketing Institute "Named Bruce one of the 50 most influential thinkers in marketing and business today."

In this episode you will learn some unique changes in marketing, business mindset and the importance of clarity.


Episode 3 : Michael Brenner

Why Human Centric Content Marketing? LISTEN

Michael Brenner Content Marketing expert shares how CMO's and companies build effective customer centric experiences with next level Content Marketing. He has been recognized as a top business speaker by Huffington Post and top CMO Influencer by Forbes.

He has Co-Authored 2 bestselling books "The Content Formula" and "Digital Marketing Growth Hacks". With over 1,000 articles in The Economist, The Guardian, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine he is a true titan of marketing.

In this episode he shares how to master content marketing by focusing on customer experience and culture at the core of your program.