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GROUNDSWELL has been developing Yoga & Wellness content for years. We are the founders of

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Santosha Yoga - Bali, Indonesia

GROUNDSWELL client Santosha Yoga has been working with me on developing a sustainable growth marketing platform, adjusting their branding, messaging and hands on growth marketing.

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Integrating Offline to Online

Bringing to life the studio and the unique features of the region in the island of Nusa Lembongan Bali is paramount to connecting Santosha with would be yoga teachers.

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Sharing Customer Experiences

Connecting your audience to the actual stories and outcomes of being a customer at Santosha has proven to be a deep pool of content. Having yoga students share their experience in their own words - deepens the trust of future students and provides such a rich mosaic of perspectives that marketing just cannot produce. SO the marketing IS sharing that content.